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Benches: Come in a variety of shapes and styles. They may be engraved or left plain as an accompaniment to a grave site.

Upright Monuments: Are available in a virtually limitless range of sizes and shapes and are typically set atop a base.

Slant Markers: Monuments with a slanted face. Slant Markers may be produced in a variety of sizes but typically come in heights of  16" and 18". Slant markers may sit directly atop the ground, or on bases.

Bevel (or Hickey) Markers: Monuments with a sloped face that sit directly atop the ground. They come in a variety of sizes but typically range in height from 6" to 10".

Flush Markers: Flat stones that lay flush with the ground. Typically come 2' x 1', but other sizes are available.

Cemetery Monuments today are primarily produced in granite, but come in a variety  of styles and colors.